What is a guaranteed interview?

As part of being enrolled on a Mastered bootcamp you will be invited to an interview. This may happen at any point during the bootcamp – in the first few weeks, halfway through, at the end or in the months after the bootcamp finishes – whenever we feel you are ready to meet with one of our employer partners.

Who will the interview be with? 

The interview will be with one of our employer partners from across games, VFX and immersive. We will work to align the interview with your specific career goals and preferred location where possible. 

Interviews will either be for live job vacancies, or they may be speculative. Speculative interviews are an opportunity to build a relationship with an employer so that you’re top of their list when a role becomes available. Career experts estimate that 70-80% of all job placements are for roles that are never advertised (Forbes), so building relationships through speculative interviews can often be more effective than traditional job hunting methods. 

What should I expect from the interview?

Interviews will be between 20 minutes to one hour, and may be one-to-one or in groups. You will be briefed ahead of time by Mastered on what the format is and what you can expect. After the interview you will receive feedback from the employer partner. 

What does Mastered expect from me?

Attending this interview is a requirement of the bootcamp. We expect you to attend the interview well prepared, on time, representing yourself and Mastered positively. Support is available to make sure you’re best placed to do this. 

How should I prepare for my interview?

Read this article for great advice on preparing for interviews. 

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