Your Mastered Journal

What is your Mastered journal?

This is a place where we, and you, track your progress through the bootcamp. It is made up of three elements;

  • Your skills scorecard: this is a list of the skills required for you to take on the job we have agreed to train you in. Your mentor will update this every month, based on your progress on the work you submit, and you will discuss these scores in your 121 technical mentoring meetings. This is designed to give you a personalised guide on what skills you need to focus your time and energy building. 
  • Your interview reference sheet: this is a place where you document the work you are doing to get ready for interviews, as part of the monthly interview prep sessions. Ultimately, it will become a cheat sheet for you to help you prep for future interviews. You are responsible for keeping it up to date. 
  • Your Mastered profile: this will become a public-facing document that Mastered shares with employers to showcase you to them. You will update it as part of your interview prep sessions during your first 16 weeks. You are responsible for keeping it up to date. 
  • When / how will I receive it?

    After your first Mastered session (group onboarding), it will be shared with you via email. It is a Google Sheet, that is editable by you and the wider Mastered support team.

    Who can view it?

    Only you, your Mastered technical mentor and the wider Mastered team. No one else on the bootcamp can view it. 

    What if I need help in completing it?

    If it’s not clear from above when you do what, please reach out to your experience manager on Slack who can point you in the right direction. 

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