What if I can’t finish the work I’ve been set by my technical mentor?

As with any workplace, you will be expected to submit deliverables to your mentor on an agreed due date.

If you find that you are not able to submit deliverables on time, immediately let your mentor know and explain why you’re blocked.

If you are stuck technically even after asking for help on #technicalsupport Slack, list down your blockers on your Trello board with your mentor and tag them so they know to discuss this with you and revise timelines accordingly.

If you’re experiencing some personal or emotional blockers, let your Candidate Experience Manager know on Slack and they will work together with your mentor to create an action plan to keep you moving forward.

Do your best to work with your mentors to set realistic expectations for timelines and always ask for help. Don’t let failing to submit tasks become a regular occurrence as it may result in a performance plan.

The second time you are unable to complete your work without communicating it in advance, we will give you a written warning about your performance - this is because we have to ensure all creators who graduate from the bootcamps are representative of the high standards Mastered holds, otherwise your behaviour reflects badly on the rest of the Mastered community, which isn’t fair to them. 

The third time you fail to submit a deliverable without notice means you are showing us you are unable to display the professional behaviours we expect of anyone who comes through a Mastered bootcamp. Because of this, you will be put on a performance plan and your place on the Mastered bootcamp will be at risk. 

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