What if I can’t attend a meeting?

Emergencies happen and we understand you have to prioritise other more important things. In situations like these, always let Scheduling Support and the person you’re meeting with know via Slack as soon as possible (ideally at least 48 hours before the call)so we can reschedule. This is what’s expected from you in a real workplace and so we expect it from you here.

Examples of emergencies: illness, accident, family emergencies, death in the family, unrest in your area

If you miss meetings without communicating to us, we will be in touch to find out what has happened.

  • The first time it happens: if you’ve made a mistake or forgot about your meeting, we will work with you to ensure that you have reminders and alerts on your calendar so you don’t miss any more meetings
  • The second time it happens we will give you a written warning about your professionalism - we have to ensure all creators who graduate from the bootcamps are representative of the high standards Mastered holds, otherwise your behaviour reflects badly on the rest of the Mastered community, which isn’t fair to them. 
  • The third time this happens: at this point you are showing us you are unable to display the professional behaviours we expect of anyone who comes through a Mastered bootcamp. Because of this, you will be put on a performance plan and your place on the Mastered bootcamp will be at risk. 

To avoid missing meetings, please ensure that you regularly check your calendar for any upcoming Mastered events and have your calendar remind you via phone or computer alerts. 

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