What you can expect of Mastered

Your team at Mastered will support you throughout your goal of getting your dream job. We will:

  • Support you to develop the technical and soft skills you need for the job you’re aiming for. Challenge and stretch you, and make sure you leave your comfort zone in order to pursue your goals – but also be there for you when you are stuck.
  • Treat you like a professional. We give you the freedom to do your work at times and on days that suit you, and in return expect you to take responsibility for deadlines and tasks.
  • Respect your time. We will always aim to give you at least 48 hours notice if a session has to be rescheduled because of an issue with any of your support team.
  • Always be open to feedback on how we can improve. If you take the time to fill in our surveys, you can expect us to respond to, and if we can, act on your feedback. 
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