How to find a model

Here are a handful of tips on how to find the right model for your assessments:

• Read the brief fully before finding a model to make sure that you don't waste time on people who aren't right.

U se social media/a poster in salon window to advertise your request. Here is some suggested copy for an Instagram post:

"I'm on the journey to becoming a certified Wella Professionals Master Color Expert. I need a model who wants to enhance the beauty of their white hair/wants to go blonde/is open to a transformation. Interested? Message me for more details."

Consider whether to charge your model or not. Some people charge a reduced rate – others do not charge at all. Think about what is best for you and your salon.
Carry a business card/flyer describing what you need at all times. Because sometimes the best models can be found in the most unusual of places: in shopping centres, on public transport, at dinner parties. Give them out to people you spot who fit the bill, so anyone who is interested can get in touch with you. 
• Keep anyone who is interested on file. Creating a bank of models means you are more likely to have someone when you need one. It is always great to have people who are willing to let you try a new technique or color palette. Keep them updated on when they can have their hair maintained.

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