How your 2019 accelerator works

How your accelerator works 

Your six month experience has been carefully designed by our in-house team in collaboration with fashion industry experts. Read on to learn how your experience works on the platform so you know what to expect, what to do and where to go from Tuesday 2 April.

Getting started

The first things you'll do once you start are:

  • Find out who your assigned mentor and coach will be
  • Set your goals 
  • Book your first mentor call and coach call, where you'll discuss these goals with them

Your Mastered journal

Your Mastered journal is where your experience unfolds. It's private to you, the Mastered team, your mentor and coach. That means other professionals can't see inside this space. It's where you'll go to:

  • Set your goals
  • Book your mentor calls and coaching calls each and every time
  • Join your calls at the time they're due, by clicking the "Start Hangout" button

Your journal is also the place where you will:

  • Find out who your assigned mentor and coach are, with information about their experience
  • Read write-ups after each mentor and coach call
  • Access your lessons (which will be linked into these write-ups)
  • Add preparation for your mentor and coach calls ahead of time
  • Post your own reflections on your progress if you want to keep track of your development
  • View your self-assessment. Other surveys you complete during the accelerator will also be posted here 
You'll be able to see your journal by clicking on the "Home" button in the top lefthand corner of your Mastered classroom.  

Setting and editing your goals

You'll set your goals in your journal in the 'Goals' section to the lefthand side. Putting them here means they're always visible to you, your mentor, coach and the Mastered team. 
You can add more than one goal after you click 'enter' and post your first one. Editing them is easy – simply click your goal to change it. You'll edit your goals during the next six months as you achieve them, go in new directions or make them more specific.    

Calls with your industry mentor and coach

In each month for the next six months, you'll speak to your industry mentor and your coach to get guidance on different areas of your journey. These calls lead your Mastered experience and point you in the direction of what you should do, read and watch in order to progress.  
Your mentor will give you instructions to put into practise that will help you navigate career, workplace and business-related challenges based on their industry perspective. During the accelerator, this guidance will help you shape your goals, improve your work and define a career pathway that works for you.

Your coach will give you guidance and resources that help you overcome any personal or emotional challenges that prevent you from getting things done or performing at your best. They're also able to help with your mentoring experience: whether that's managing your time, having the confidence to show unfinished work, getting outside your comfort zone or dealing with how it feels to receive feedback, your coach is here to help you do just that.   

Here's how these calls work

  • Each month, you'll book your own time slots with your mentor and your coach. It's one 45-minute call on Google Hangouts per service, per month.
  • You'll make bookings from your Mastered journal. Once you finish a call, you can book next month's call straight after.
  • After your calls, your mentor and coach will write-up their notes from the session in your Mastered journal. This will include instructions that you must put into practise. You'll show and discuss your progress in your next round of calls to get your next steps. 

How you learn

Your mentor and coach guide your Mastered experience, and that means they'll send you online lessons in each write-up that help you apply their advice. These lessons feature exclusive video and written content, which has been produced just for you and is not available anywhere else except in the Mastered classrooms.

There's no need to go through this by yourself – your mentor and coach will handpick the lessons that you need to focus on.  

How we support you

If you need support with your Mastered experience, myself and the Mastered team are here for you. Whether you’ve got a technical issue, want help preparing for a call or guidance on how to take your accelerator, we’ll help you move forward no matter where you’re at. Email us or book a support call if you’d rather work things out over the phone.  

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