How do I get my Master Color Expert accreditation?

Master Color Expert is one of the hair world’s most prestigious accolades, so this online course – like the in-person course – has a strict criteria for your tests and assessments. Read this article to understand the policies you must follow to succeed.

How do I achieve my Master Color Expert accreditation?

In order to become a Master Color Expert, you must:

  • Pass all modules

In order to pass a module, you must do three things:

  1. Complete your online test, model assessment and headblock challenge by the deadline set out in the module.
  2. Turn up to your accreditation call at the time and date you were given before the course started.
  3. Be given a score of at least 80% on your online test, at least 80% on your model assessment and at least 80% on your headblock challenge. 

To maintain the credibility of Master Color Expert, we have to be strict with this criteria. You will fail a module if:

  • You do not take the online test by the deadline
  • You do not upload your complete model assessment and headblock challenge by the deadline set out in the accompanying lesson
  • You do not show up to your accreditation call
  • You do not achieve the required marks on all three elements

What advice can you give me to make sure I get accredited?

  • Read the “to do in this module” lessons thoroughly
  • If you don’t understand anything, contact Ida on
  • Check your uploads have worked correctly: once you have uploaded your model assessment and headblock challenge, it will appear in your journal. Once you have completed your online test, it will also appear in your journal. If it does not, please tell Ida on ASAP BEFORE the deadline.

What do I do if I can’t take my accreditation call?

We know that, sometimes, life throws unexpected hurdles at us all. Which is why we will, of course, take this into consideration. If you, or a close family member, have a serious illness, or you experience the death of a family member or close friend, please let us know at your earliest convenience by telling Ida at soon as possible with evidence that supports your exception (for example, a medical certificate if you’re sick). If you’re not sure what kind of evidence you can provide, please give us more detail on what’s happened so we can guide you.

If we approve your exception, we’ll follow up with you to reschedule your call.

Please do be aware that this is only the case for serious special circumstances. To maintain the integrity of Master Color Expert, the following reasons will not be considered a special case:

  • I accidentally booked a client in at the time of my accreditation call/I forgot it was happening (a Master Color Expert isn’t just a great colorist. They are reliable and committed, and we cannot prove you are reliable if you are unable to organise your time.)
  • I couldn’t work the technology and so missed the deadline (we’re afraid this isn’t a strong enough reason. You have five weeks each module to test the technology, and a support team on hand every day to ask for help. Read this article – or, if you are really stuck, email at least 48 hours before your call starts to get help. We can jump on a call with you and help you test it.) 

What happens if I have to retake an assessment?

If you have not achieved 80% on your online test or model assessment, your mentor will ask you to retake each of these assessments. They will give you pointers on where to improve your score, and then Mastered will help arrange a retake call within three weeks. You will be expected to do the retaken assessment within 48 hours of the retake call taking place. 

If you have not achieved 80% on your headblock challenge, your mentor will let you know where you lost marks and you must apply this in the next module. You will not be asked to retake that section headblock challenge. Your final headblock mark is calculated by adding up all your scores for all four sections of the headblock and dividing by four. You must achieve an average of 80% overall. 

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