English is not my strongest language. What’s the best way for me to use the accelerator?

We know that it's easy to feel challenged when you're learning new things in a different language. Check out our advice below on how to use your content if English is not your strongest language.

  • Watch your videos from start to finish. Do this before taking any notes to understand the overall idea of the lesson. Then, watch it a second time and take notes. Don't worry about translating every word – focus on interpreting the main points, keywords and phrases. This will help you work through your exercises and develop questions for feedback. 
  • Use Google Translate. This free app allows you scan text with your phone's camera to translate it, interpret specific words and phrases, and convert audio into various foreign languages. Use this app to help you read your lessons, watch your videos and understand your emails from the Mastered team.  
  • Reach out to English speakers on the accelerator. Talking to them will help you learn new words and expressions so you can boost your confidence speaking English.  
  • Go through your lessons and take your calls with a translator. Asking a friend to go through your video and written lessons with you means you can speak with someone in your own language to clarify things you don't understand. You're welcome to have a translator present in your calls with us to help you understand the conversation, too. 
  • Take your time. You can always revisit your lessons from earlier modules whenever you need if you think you've misunderstood something.
  • Ask the Support team for help with understanding your content. Although we're unable to transcribe lessons and videos, we can help you understand the main points that we're teaching you so you can move forward.  

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