Overdue payments policy for mentor and coaching calls

If you have one or more payments overdue, and you have a mentor and/or coaching call booked, we're afraid you're not entitled to receive the call until your account is up to date.  

If you have one or more payments overdue within seven days of a mentor or coaching call, we’ll:
1. Notify you that you have outstanding payments via phone and email.
2. Offer a call with our credit manager in case you need help with your payment plan.  
3. Give you a deadline so you can make your outstanding payments at least 48 hours before your call is due.
4. If you don’t meet this deadline, we'll cancel your call.
5. Once you clear your overdue payments, you'll be entitled to rebook your session.

So we can deliver your Mastered experience, we need to make sure that payment plans are kept up to date. We also understand that unexpected circumstances can affect your financial situation. We've created this process to help you make your payments on time so you can get the feedback you need to succeed. 

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