How to write a press release

A press release is designed to tell the press about the work you've created and convince them they should feature it; it's essentially a sales tool. Unless you're lucky enough to have a face-to-face meeting with an editor, your press release needs to do all the hard work for you – it should say everything that you think someone needs to know about your work, in order to get excited about it.

The aim of a press release is ultimately to inspire the recipient to feature your work or write about you, so it's important that you've got something interesting and newsworthy to say.

Editors receive hundreds of press releases a day, so even if your finished work is brilliant and the images are beautiful, you still need to be clever to catch their eye.

Ask yourself:

  • What's new or newsworthy about what I've created?
  • Is there anything unexpected or interesting about it?
  • Why should anyone else care about what you've created?

The last point might sound harsh, but a pretty picture only says so much – whereas a pretty picture with an incredible story behind it and a relevant and unique narrative is something far more inspiring.

Your press release should be no more than 350 words and, it goes without saying, should be professional and well-written.

Try to include:

  • Your inspiration
  • Why you created the work
  • The message behind your work – what do you want it to say to the world?
  • The name of your project, if it has one
  • A full list of contributors
  • Your contact details

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