What happens at Mastered Live?

What the video below to see what Mastered Live is like and what's included at the event.

Mastered Live is a two-day event where the global Mastered community comes together to learn, play, grow and build new relationships. You'll spend time with industry experts from all over the world, and the Mastered team. Mastered Live is not a conference. You won’t sit back and listen to speakers on stage talk at you.

Mastered Live is where you get stuck in and learn-by-doing. With the support of the Mastered team and experts, you will be pushed beyond your comfort zone. It will be a challenge – but we promise it's always a lot of fun too. 

As well as making sure you’re practically prepared for Mastered Live, we want to make sure you’re mentally prepared, too. Come with an open mind. Come ready to be challenged. Come ready to hear new ideas and to try doing things differently. We promise it’ll make for a much more interesting and creatively fulfilling weekend. 

What’s the difference between the three Mastered Live events?

Aside from location and venue, there isn’t much difference between the Mastered Live events. Each event follows the same format: workshops, portfolio and lookbook reviews, and photoshoots. That said, there will be different experts at each event depending on where they are based, which will mean the workshops change slightly each time.  

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