How to pull clothes

Being able to pull clothes to shoot is one of the most important aspects of your role as a stylist. Read our tips to start pulling clothes.

Do test shoots

You need one or two images of previous work that you can link to when you approach new PRs or designers about borrowing clothes. This is evidence that you are a fashion stylist. They don’t have to be published images. A great way to get these pictures is to do test shoots. Collaborate with photographers, makeup artists, hair stylists and other creatives who want to build their portfolios too. Once a PR or designer can see evidence you have shot clothes before, they are more likely to feel comfortable lending clothes to you.

Pull clothes from around you

No stylist starting out can go straight to Gucci. Work your way up. Look at emerging designers and check out those who are still at university – you might find the next big thing. Try local boutiques and source clothes from your own wardrobe and from friends. A classic trick is to buy the clothes you want to shoot, hide the tab from the camera and then return the items for a refund. Remember that creating an image has nothing to do with the label on the item of clothing; it’s what you do with that piece.

Approaching designers and PRs for clothes

  • Pulling clothes is about mutual trust. A brand or PR agency will lend out their clothes if they believe that:
  • The images you are planning suits the reputation they want to uphold for their brand
  • You will use the clothes for what you’ve said you will
  • You will take care of the clothes and return them on time

You create trust by being professional at all times – from your first request to when you return the clothes. This means taking care of the clothes, crediting properly and being as transparent about your process as possible – including being honest if something has gone wrong.

What to include in your email approach to designers or PR agencies:

  • Links to one or two low res images of your work
  • Details of the shoot: date and location
  • Details of the creative team (photographer, hair stylist, makeup artist etc.) and links to their work
  • The moodboard of the theme
  • Details of specific pieces you would like to borrow and why they are right for the story
  • When you can pick the items up and when you can return them

Use this template to help you start approaching a brand/ PR to pull clothes.


I hope you had a good weekend and that this email finds you well.

I am a New York-based editorial stylist shooting for publications such as XXXX and XXX.

Now I’m working on XXXXX for submission hoping to publish in XXXXX, XXXXX or XXXX.

I´m a massive fan of your work, I love it!


I would love to pull the following looks from these designers:

The shoot is on XX/XX/XX at XXXXXX, so I would like to request some samples (attached screenshots) on XX/XX/XX and returns would be on XX/XX/XX.

Would you be interested in working on this project?

I have attached the moodboard for shoot and here is a link to my website XXXXXXX.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Kind Regards,

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