I’m reaching out to people but they’re not replying. What should I do?

When you’re contacting potential collaborators and they don’t reply, it’s easy to feel frustrated. Ask yourself the following questions to improve your chances of getting a response.

  • Have I given them a deadline to respond?
  • Is my Mastered profile up to date with examples of my best work?  
  • Do I have the correct contact details?
  • Have I followed up?

I still haven't heard back. What else can I do? 

If you follow these guidelines and still don’t hear back from someone, don’t jump to conclusions about your talent. Your collaborator might be busy on another job, your email might have gone to their spam folder or they might be unsure of whether they’re available yet. 

Finding creatives to join a team is similar to finding a job. Reach out to as many professionals as you can on the directory, and in your personal network whose style is similar to yours. This gives you a better chance of finding available collaborators and moving forward with your project. 

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