The psychology of collaboration

Fashion disruptor Caryn Franklin shares her insight on how to build a team that will work magic together, from the initial selection of collaborators to creating a state of ‘flow’ on set.

Caryn Franklin is a fashion commentator, professor of diversity in fashion and former fashion editor at i-D magazine. With a masters in Applied Psychology in Fashion from LCF, her work spans activism, education and research. She’s passionate about empowering the new breed of creative to disrupt the industry.

Key points:

  • Define collaborative and creative aims for your project. Your aim is naturally a creative one – to come away with great images. But you should also set expectations about how you are going to work together. Agree on this as a team before you shoot so everyone shares responsibility for achieving the end result.
  • Create ‘flow’. When your team works harmoniously, says Caryn, you experience a sense of flow, of being lost in the act of creating. Think about how you, personally, can harness trust, recognition and belief in your team as you all work towards your shared goal.
  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses. Knowing what you’re bringing to the team, and where you might be obstructing collaboration, is really important. Reflect on this, make a list and think about sharing this with your team ahead of the shoot.
To access the full list of references Caryn cited during this video please click  here.

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