Missing and rescheduling mentor or coaching calls

We know from experience that it takes a series of successful calls with a mentor and coach to see progress towards your goals. If you don't complete all your calls, it's easy to lose momentum or feel like you're not getting the most from your experience. Your mentor and coach will be waiting for you at your booked times, so it’s important that you always prioritise them. 

Time slots are available on a first come first served basis. The earlier you make your bookings, the more likely you'll secure a time that works for you.  

How do I change a booking?

To make changes, use the links included in the notification emails sent to you after you made the booking.

If necessary, you can reschedule or cancel more than 48 hours before your current time slot. Otherwise, you must attend your initial booking to avoid missing out. 

There will be limited availability left if you attempt to reschedule, so we can’t guarantee there’ll be another slot free for that month.

If you try to reschedule less than 48 hours before your initial booking, we’re afraid you aren’t entitled to have the call. It will be cancelled and you’ll be notified via email. The next call you can book is for the following month.  

How do I re-book a call?

If you cancel and want to re-book, revisit your Mastered journal before the booking deadline provided. Click on "book mentoring" or "book coaching", and go through the booking process again.

I've made more than one booking. What happens now? 

If you make two or more bookings for mentoring or coaching in a month, we’ll ask you which session you'd like to keep via email. If you don't reply in 24 hours, we'll cancel your later bookings. If you have a session due within 48 hours and another call booked, we’ll automatically cancel the later booking.

What happens if I miss my call?

If you miss a call with your mentor or coach, we're afraid that you aren’t entitled to reschedule for that month.

If we confirm that you missed your call because our instructions on how to join the Google Hangout weren't followed correctly, or because you booked at the incorrect time, you're not entitled to re-book your call. We'll ask you a series of questions to investigate the technical issue, and we'll request screenshots to help us do that.

In either case, you can book your call for the following month. For guidance in the meantime, you're welcome to get support from Mastered or book a call with your engagement manager.  

Each professional is entitled to one mentor call and one coaching call per month. These policies help us keep things fair across your Mastered community.  

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