How do I edit my Mastered profile?

Your profile page allows you to showcase yourself and your work to the Mastered network and beyond. Follow our advice below to edit your Mastered profile and get noticed. 

To find your profile, do the following:

  1. Login to Mastered
  2. Click your user icon at the top right corner of your browser and scroll down to find "your profile"
  3. Click the “edit your profile” button to add your details

Edit your location

Make sure that "your city/region" is correct and written in English. For example, write "Brazil" not "Brasil". This will make it easier for experts and fellow professionals to find you on the directory. We also advise that:

  • If you've relocated, update your location accordingly on your profile. 
  • If you're available in multiple cities, express this in the "your city/region" text field. For example, "Sydney / Berlin / New York City".  

Add your profile and cover images

Upload an image of yourself to your "profile photo". Then, upload a "cover photo" that represents your own style – something that tells your fellow creatives what kind of work you do. Remember to follow our image size guidelines below: 

  • For your profile image, the recommended minimum size is 120x120 pixels. If your photo is not square already, it will be cropped automatically.
  • For your cover image, the recommended minimum size for best results is approximately 1200x300 pixels. 

Add your bio 

Use this section to say a bit about yourself, your work and your career goals. This informs potential collaborators – and experts – about who you are and the work you create. Avoid saying too much about your personal life so you can focus on promoting your skills. If you've worked with a major brand or publication, share that here, too. Then, click "save changes". 

Add your links

Share your website and social links to showcase your online presence. We recommend only adding accounts that you use for professional reasons, such as an Instagram account with images of your work.

When adding your social media links, don't worry about including the URL for each site – that's already included. Simply paste in your username or handle. For example: makeup_mastered not Then, click "save changes". 

Upload examples of your work

Click "view your profile" and then "add image/gif" or "add video" to start uploading examples of your work.  

When adding images of your work, follow our guidelines below: 

  • You can upload a maximum of eight images to your profile
  • The maximum permitted file size per image is 3MB
  • Permitted formats are JPG, GIF, and PNG
  • We recommend 72dpi for optimal view on screens
  • Images will be resized to 1024px wide on your profile
  • Large images are automatically resized to fit into the available width on your screen
  • Retain a full-resolution copy of your images both for your own backup purposes and in case you are selected to be featured in print (in which case, you'll be asked to provide high-resolution files)

To position your best images at the top of your profile, upload them last. The first image your upload will be at the bottom of the page and the last image you upload will be at the top.

In the "description" section, give each image a title. Credit your collaborators and the publication (if the image has been published) and the date. Use this space to also clarify your role on set if you contributed different skills to the shoot.  

To add videos to your profile, go to "view profile" and "add video".  Then, simply paste a URL link to your video, give it a title and describe the work you produced.  

Share your contact details 

Make sure your email address is visible to your peers so they can contact you. Under "edit your profile", go to "account details". Then, make sure your email address is correct and that the box, "Let other Mastered professionals contact me via this email address" is ticked. 

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