I can’t find many professionals in my location. What do I do?

If you can’t find someone in your area in the  Mastered directory, follow our advice below on how to meet other creatives no matter where you are:

  • Search using different keywords for different locations. Professionals express their locations in different ways. Browse the directory by state, country and large regional areas, as well as by city to make sure you're doing a thorough search. For example, "London", "England", "Britain", and "United Kingdom".   
  • Search the Directory using local spelling. For example, Deutschland for Germany or Zürich instead of Zurich. 
  • Try different abbreviations in your search, too. For example, "New York City", "New York", "NYC" and "NY". This will help make sure you’re not missing anyone in your area.
  • Reach out to your peers in neighbouring states or countries. Many professionals are willing to travel to work on creative projects. Contact potential collaborators that you’d like to work with to see if they’re interested and available.
  • Contact creatives outside Mastered. You're welcome to work with your peers inside and outside the Mastered community on your briefs. Reach out to your network outside Mastered to help build your team.  
  • Think of ways to collaborate without physically being on set. As the fashion industry becomes more globally connected, it’s increasingly common for creatives to collaborate virtually and in non-traditional ways. For guidance with this, please contact Mastered

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